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The Birth Control to sunlight

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The Birth Control to sunlight
From the book: " Freemasonry and secret societies: the hidden face of history ,"new ed.expanded 1000 pages with illustrations

R.Sumonds and M.Carder,authors of the aforementioned study on the problems of the population in relation to the United Nations,observed: "Lord Caradon,in a report to the Conference of the Institute for the Pianfinicazione Family of Santiago in 1967,he criticized the United Nations and the specialized agencies because until 1965 had not been taken from them "practical steps" to support programs for Birth Control .Even if we admit the criticism of Lord Caradon,the indirect influence of the agencies of the United Nations system should not be underestimated.
First,they spread these global images to be universally accepted,showing that the population doubles every thirty years.Secondly their legislatures contemplating a hole in which to activate the debate on the right to the means of family planning and the need for birth control."Third,as soon as the course of events was in favor of these measures,the resolutions of the United Nations gave them the international legitimacy that made ​​it easier to change the attitude of national leaders."

In other words,centralization of birth control in one place,the UN and its international legitimacy - the real,in fact,the power of the United Nations - essential steps for effective action and wide-ranging. The Rockefeller Foundation wastes no time: 15.6 million dollars in the enterprise are injected only between 1963 and 1970,dr.JH Knowles,president of the Rockefeller Foundation,on March 14 in front of the National Council of the Centre for the Development of Family Planning, declare:
"It 's the role of the private sector and in the public accelerate the development of legal abortions in the United States 1.2 to 1.8 million per year "

For his part,David Rockefeller,one of the leaders of the 'International Planned Parenthood Federation (International Federation of Reproduction Planned,IPPF),the creation of the great foundations of which all associations of Family Planning in the world,about 120,takes over the management of the project (UNA United Nations Association) - USA,from which he had achieved the relationship that had impressed President Nixon.
This report stated that UNESCO should directly benefit the school systems to support family planning.They must therefore be prepared lessons and school programs modified to do so,in order to encourage among students a "conscience regarding demographics and attitudes as appropriate to the size of the family."October,1969 the Commission United Nations International Development headed by Lester Pearson,Nobel Prize Peace 1957,and a member of the CIIA,the Canadian Institute of International Affairs,appointed a commission to Population ,According to the requirement set out in the report. The Commission was financed by none other than the World Bank,established together with the International Monetary Fund in 1944 Bretton Woods (New Hampshire,USA) with the name of the Bank for Reconstruction and Development.Bank who declared himself willing "to finance the necessary resources to member countries for continuing the programs related to family planning." interior design jobs in italy.
International family planning programs, 1966-1975: A bibliography
Book (University of Alabama Press)
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Not "imposing"

Making sure condoms and educational materials is available is not imposing anything.
and the resistance to this type of family planning doesn't come from the developing nations in questions -- it comes from conservatives in US government, who have repeatedly cut US funding for international family planning programs.

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