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IPPF / WHR (the International Planned Parenthood Federation / Western Hemisphere Region) is one of the six areas that make up the International Federation of Planned Parenthood, an organization that seeks to increase access to quality reproductive health care for underserved areas the world population. IPPF / WHR is the only region of IPPF which is a separately incorporated entity. Besides the Western Hemisphere Region, five other regions who complete the International Federation of Planned Parenthood: the regions of Africa, the Arab World, East and Southeast Asia and Oceania, Europe, and South Asia.

IPPF / WHR was founded in 1954 with the mission to improve the health of women across the Americas. Currently seeks to address the range of needs for sexual and reproductive health of women, men and adolescents. It has a geographical coverage of 46 member associations in 44 countries in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean and is headquartered in New York, United States.

Communication Strategies:

The work based IPPF / WHR is its network of member associations. Each member association is a private, autonomous, and provides family planning services and other related health services according to the needs, customs and laws.

IPPF / WHR provides technical and financial support to these and other reproductive health organizations, facilitates the flow of information among its members and fighting for sexual and reproductive rights at regional and international level.

The four principles that guide its activity are:

  • Increased institutional capacity in management and finance programs.
  • Incorporating rights and gender perspectives in all aspects of the programs.
  • The promotion of a culture of evaluation and results-based management.
  • Ensuring customer involvement and young adults in the design of programs, health promotion and service delivery.
  • His main areas of work are: emergency contraception, evaluation, gender based violence, HIV / STIs, male involvement, management, quality of care, service delivery, sustainability and youth.

    To support its activities in these areas, IPPF / WHR has developed a variety of monitoring and evaluation tools and training to assist health care providers to offer sexual health services and high-quality reproductive customers, among these are publications are, the vast majority of free distribution, audiovisual and electronic media.

    Development Issues:

    Health, Population, HIV AIDS, youth rights.

    Key points:

    The 46 member associations that make up the Western Hemisphere Region have been leaders in the provision of family planning services and reproductive health in their countries. Some of them introduced the first family planning clinics in the region and helped define family planning programs and reproductive health in their countries, in some cases helping to structure the services and programs.

    International family planning programs, 1966-1975: A bibliography
    Book (University of Alabama Press)
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    Your tax dollars at work. From the article:

    We are helping finance the infrastructure used in coercive family planning in China. The international community funds UNFPA (United Nations Family Planning Fund), as well as IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation) and Marie Stopes International. These organizations are operative "abortion providers" in China.
    In 2001, the US cut funding to UNFPA because an investigation, headed by then Secretary of State Colin Powell, found that UNFPA was complicit in the coercive implementation of China's One Child Policy. In 2008, the US State Department reaffirmed that determination, and yet we restored funding in 2009

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