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The earlier possible late effects are identified, the sooner handicaps may be fully or partially compensated. Therefore, it is important to observe the development of a premature baby well into the school years into it exactly.

If the child has difficulty in certain areas, a visit to a specialized clinic (perinatal) or in an early intervention center can be useful. Professionals help to interpret symptoms of possible developmental problems properly and treat them appropriately.

Individually tailored therapies - for example, physiotherapy, speech or occupational therapy - can promote, compensate or reduce the impact the further development of the child. A psychotherapeutic treatment can assist the child with mental health problems. It is often helpful if the parents are involved.

Information forums for parents:

Addresses self-help groups:

Breastfeeding advice:

Addresses outpatient and home child care:

Forum for parents of disabled children:

Association of physical and multiple disabilities:

Information portal of the State BMFSFJ offers and services for families:

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Follow Pass:
During follow-pass is a document folder that contains all the relevant information and documentation about the preterm infant and its treatment. It easier for parents and professionals attending the collaboration and provides an overview of the history and current state of health of the child. Some neonatal stations for parents hold a follow-pass ready. It can also be found at the Federation "The premature child" at:

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The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Your Pregnancy & Birth: Information You Can Trust from the Leading Experts in Women's Health Care
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Many Catholics use birth control.

Promotion of birth control would be much more useful than the promotion of "abstinence only". Even the dissemination of realistic information about family planning would be useful.
I wouldn't advocate anything permament. Even illegal immigrants may eventually become legal and financially able to raise children.

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Planned Parenthood Lied About Girl

An anti-abortion group says Planned Parenthood officials in Milwaukee and Appleton may have broken state law and provided false information to clients.
A California anti-abortion rights group said Thursday that the president of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin lied when she said earlier this week that the family planning group did not have the name of an ostensibly underage girl who came into its Milwaukee clinic for an abortion after saying she had been impregnated by her 31-year-old boyfriend.
If Live Action's claim is true, it would suggest Planned Parenthood was ignoring a law that requires health care providers to report incidents of statutory rape to police

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I don't think that's his plan

We've made plans to go away for next weekend, he's given me a copy of his weekend work schedule for the next year, underlining the "family day" in June for me, and made sure to tell me about a formal dance in April so that I'd keep my schedule free.
Honestly, he's not planning a dump. He's going to tell me all the things that are wrong with me and that he wants me to change. And then I'll tell him these are pretty fundamental to who I am, and are not likely to change, and he'll just have to figure out what he wants to do with that information. And then maybe I'll dump him because I can't stand the thought of spending the rest of my life with someone who's mad at me because 1) I don't want to go jogging with him, 2) I'm not that big on wearing makeup every day, and 3) I'm not really...

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Family Planning
Family Planning

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