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What are natural methods of family planning?

Natural methods of family planning is a way to help a couple determine when sexual intercourse can be and when it can not result in pregnancy. During each cycle, one woman's ovaries releases an egg. This process is called ovulation. The egg moves into the uterus through the fallopian tube where fertilization takes place. An unfertilized egg may live for 12-24 hours. The egg will be shed later during the menstrual cycle if it is not fertilized. A woman is most likely to become pregnant if intercourse occurs immediately before or after ovulation.

During the menstrual cycle, a number of changes occur in the body of the woman. By keeping track of these changes, couples can plan when to have intercourse and when to avoid depending on whether you are trying to avoid or achieve pregnancy.

How does natural family planning?

At present two methods are taught natural family planning. The first is the method of ovulation. In this method, we determine the days just before and just after ovulation reviewing the woman's cervical mucus. The cervical mucus is stretchy, clear and slick when the woman is most likely to get pregnant. Some people say that the cervical mucus during this time looks and feels much like the white of an egg that has not been cooked.

The second method is the method symptothermal. With this method, the woman takes her temperature each day with a thermometer and writes it down on a chart. At the time of ovulation of the woman temperature slightly increases. She also checks the consistency of your cervical mucus. She may also notice other changes such as pain in the area of ​​the ovaries, swelling, pain in the lower back and tenderness in the breasts.

In both methods, couples use a chart to keep track of changes in the female body.

How effective are these methods to help a couple avoid pregnancy?

These methods can help a couple avoid pregnancy if the couple receives training from a specialized instructor and if they carefully follow the instructions provided to them. Ask your doctor how to find an instructor who is specially trained in teaching natural family planning. Both methods can be effective between 90 and 98%-between two and ten pregnancies per 100 couples when practiced correctly. However, if couples do not follow the instructions completely, these methods will be much less effective. In practice, these methods may not be as safe as other forms of birth control.

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2004-11-12 12:26:41 by momochan1974

Here is a link about the Shettles Method

Choosing Gender
The prospect of choosing your child’s gender is a common wish with several possible techniques. The effectiveness of these natural means is still controversial. Ultimately, your first priority should always be for the health of your child regardless of gender. Still, there are instances where parents might hope for a specific gender. Frequently this occurs when a family has several children who are all the same sex (for example all boys) and would also like a child of the opposite sex (a girl) to balance the family.
One popular approach is the Shettles Method

2009-04-20 14:57:50 by TraceyM

It does work. It requires education,

Communication, body awareness, charting, and self-control. Artificial BC does not. People who don't want to be bothered with those things choose artificial BC.
As far as effectiveness:
"For a contraceptive method to be rated as highly efficient as the hormonal pill, there should be less than one pregnancy per 100 women per year when the method is used correctly. The pregnancy rate for women who used the STM [symptothermal method, a form of NFP] method correctly in our study was 0.4%, which can be interpreted as one pregnancy occurring per 250 women per year

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