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Respiratory system
Eyes, ears, mouth, teeth
Diabetes, Metabolic Diseases
Cardiovascular - heart attack, stroke
Infections, immune system
Migraine, headache and other pains
Better informed: Oncology
Liver, stomach, intestine, kidney, thyroid
Rheumatism, back, joints, bones
Psyche, nerves, brain, addiction
Other diseases

Pregnant: One in seven couples has problems (Photo: BBC)
More and more barren
The infertility in Europe is expected to double in the next ten years. Career planning, obesity and infections are responsible in the first place. One in seven couples has currently received in a natural way to the difficulties a child. Bill Ledger from the University of Sheffield, warns that this figure could rise to one of the three pairs. To stop this trend, he demanded that women should be offered time off in their working lives so that they can have children earlier. Obesity and sexually transmitted infections also increased infertility. Thus, the chlamydia infections have doubled in the last decade. Six percent of girls under 19 years are currently considered obese. A potential rise in male infertility could be noisy Ledger also have a significant impact. The quantity and quality of sperm seem to deteriorate. "The young people of today are tomorrow's patients in clinics for the treatment of infertility, " says Ledger. The rise of sexually transmitted infections in young teenagers will cause a blockage in some of the fallopian tubes. Of obese children would usually also obese adults. Many of these women have difficulties with ovulation. Little flexible working hours and financial and career-related ambitions led to a postponement of family planning to women in her late thirties or early forties were. "The future of Europe's population is at risk because too few children are born." It is not yet too late to reverse that trend reverses. In many countries, such as Scandinavia, guidelines were introduced, to which women have facilitated earlier children. "Women are after age 35 simply not as fruitful., It is easier and easier to support them at a younger age as well as possible in family planning than to wait until artificial insemination may be required." WANC 22.06.05/pte вебмастер Igor Mazepa.
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Canada's latest craze, for profit medicine

One Vancouver-based company started a large for-profit family medical clinic specializing in screening and preventive medicine here last November. It is planning to set up three similar clinics — in Toronto, Ottawa and London, Ontario — next summer and nine more in several other cities by the end of 2007. Private diagnostic clinics offering MRI procedures are opening around the country.

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Is Motherhood boring?

I found this article and thought it was very interesting to see how young women not view motherhood:
Motherhood is boring, say young women
August 14 2003 at 05:58AM
London Independent
By Sophie Goodchild
Women are refusing to become mothers because they fear that having children will undermine their sense of identity, a study shows. It overturns previous thinking that motherhood is central to being a "real" woman.
Even married women in their 20s and 30s are choosing not to become mothers because they believe being a parent is "unfulfilling", "repellent" and "dreary"

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