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Oral diseases are a major public health problem. Learn how to take advantage of dental checks.

What are dental checks?

The dental checks are guides that give access to a set of dental care in the areas of prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Through dental checks, the National Oral Health Promotion (PNPSO) seeks to assess and reduce the incidence and prevalence of oral diseases.

Who can be a beneficiary of these checks?

The PNPSO provides access to oral health care to four population segments:

  • Children and young people
  • Pregnant women
  • Elderly
  • Patients with HIV infection / AIDS

To benefit from dental consultations, what should I do first?

You should go to the health center. The doctor may decide to refer you (a) for oral health, and if so, provides you the first check-dentist.

And if the check has not been delivered to me on the day of the appointment?

You will be sent to your address by mail or may be picked up at the counter of the health center or the respective functional unit, according to the match that the administration of the health center.

Can I choose the dentist / dentist?

Users beneficiaries have freedom of choice of provider among physicians and dentists participating dentists, which appear on a national list, available in units of functional groupings of health centers and the site .

Can I change my dentist / dentist appointments between?

No, you have to keep the same doctor.

How to access checks?

  • Pregnant women followed in the National Health Service (NHS) and the beneficiaries of the solidarity supplement for the elderly users of SNS can be referenced, following the decision of the family physician and based on clinical criteria for dental appointments.
  • The screening of children and young people aged under 16 years in the area of ​​influence of the functional units with oral hygienist is made, whenever possible, in schools, by that professional.
  • Patients infected with HIV / AIDS will be referred by their GP.

The issue of dental checks depends on the subsequent need for further treatments, and duly provided for in the plan of treatment established by the physician at the first consultation adherent.

How many checks can be accessed?

The value of dental checks and the number of dental checks to assign to each user group beneficiaries are defined by the Minister of Health

What treatments are included in this project?

Are scheduled preventative treatments, fillings, root canals, extractions, root destartarizações and straightening.

The pay checks all kind of treatments?

Cheques pay for treatments that dentist / dentist considers necessary to effect, if included in the treatment plan.

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Good Family Planning Clinic?

Does anyone know of any good family planning clinics? I don't have health insurance right now, so I need something cheap. I'm new to the city, and tt's time for my yearly pap, and also time for a DEPO shot (birth control).
Is Planned Parenthood in NYC any good? I would go straight to them, but I have had soooooo many bad experiences with Planned Parenthoods all over the country that I would rather avoid them.
I live on the Upper East Side, but I'm willing to travel any distance to find a good doctor.

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