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Foreigners residing in Portugal can access health care and medication assistance.

I am an immigrant in Portugal. If you are sick what are my rights and obligations?

Any citizen has the right to health and the duty to protect.

An immigrant who is in the country and feel ill or need any kind of health care, has the right to be assisted in a health center or hospital (in an emergency). These services can not refuse to watch it based on any grounds of nationality, lack of economic resources, lack of legalization or other.

The Portuguese Constitution states that all citizens - even foreign - are entitled to the provision of global health care, and for this reason, all existing health resources should be made available on the exact extent of the needs of each and regardless of their economic, social and cultural. This right is governed by Order no. # 25 360/2001 .

How do I apply for these benefits?

Foreign citizens interested should go to the health center of the area in which they reside to obtain the number of the user of the NHS.

Who can get the number of SNS user and which documents are needed?

  • Foreigners with residence permit, residence or work visa - must display before health services in your area of ​​residence, proof of residence permit, residence or work permits in the country.
  • Foreigners without residence permit, residence or work visa - have to apply for a certificate of residence in their parishes, proving that living in Portugal for more than 90 days (according to Article 34. º of the Decree-Law n. # 135 / 99 of 22 April ). To request this certificate also needs two witnesses residing in the area, confirming the information, or to make a sworn statement. Witnesses may be private (acquaintances, neighbors) or merchants (the owner of the boarding house where they are installed, the stores where a customer, etc..).
  • Minor undocumented - have the same rights as those who are in good standing.

What services do I pay?

  • Foreigners them to arrange discounts for Social Security - the payments of health care provided by the institutions and services that make up the NHS, foreign nationals them to arrange discounts for Social Security, and the respective household is provided in general terms in equal footing with nationals.
    According to the legislation, health care tend to be free, taking into account the economic and social conditions of the users. For each query or care provided, the user must pay an amount called "moderating fee, " according to the rates in force.
    The clinical analysis, x-rays or other diagnostic tests is also subject to the payment of user fees for value set by law.
    Are exempt from payment:
  • Children up to 12 years of age, inclusive;
  • Youth consultation at the Adolescent Service Center, in the areas of monitoring health and sexual and reproductive health;
  • Pregnant women;
  • Postpartum women (8 weeks after delivery);
  • Women in family planning consultation;
  • Unemployed with valid registration at the employment office earning unemployment benefits equal to or less than 1.5 times the social support index (IAS) respective spouse and dependents;
  • Users in situations of proven economic failure, as well as the respective dependent household;
  • Users with a degree of disability equal to or greater than 60%.

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