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WASHINGTON April 17, 2013 Reuters (Epoch Times reporter Zhong Yuan Taiwan roundup) Communist China in 1979 adopted a "one-child" policy, but the strict limits lead to illegal forced abortion and contraception, a couple of non-compliance will heavy fines, deprivation of property, loss of job. Comparison of different fertility policy on both sides, the Taiwan Ministry of the Interior Children's Bureau held "Happiness spate" Photo Call for campaign to encourage more students propaganda was "absolutely not afford child is a gift from God!" Chinese officials by one-child policy profiteering

Communist China's one-child policy caused a gender imbalance in human history the population of a major disaster, the proportion of boys and girls close to 118 than 100. Last year, the CCP's a think tank that "one-child" left the country pay a significant political and social costs, resulting in social conflict. China has traditionally patriarchal, it spawned an illegal abortion or fetal let baby girl infanticide and indirectly caused the number of long-standing gender imbalance.

Although the international community has condemned the CCP's violation of fundamental human rights, in violation of internationally recognized human rights norms "family planning" policy, however today, the Chinese authorities still refused to cancel. According to "China Economic Weekly" (China Economic Weekly) reports, the CCP levied each year one-child policy violation fines over three billion U.S. dollars, the majority of Chinese people believe that this money into the pockets of officials of the CCP if the removal of this the policy, the same broken its officials a large illegal sources of income.

Let China's one-child policy Reproductive black market boom

U.S. tech media "Quartz" reported recently a gang CCP media reports carried in a small van ultrasounds, and guests can choose to have an abortion in place. Ultrasound to spend 800 to 1, 200 yuan, the cost of abortion is $ 3, 800. Magistrates means that most people do not do the job of the medical license legitimate medical institutions as a middleman, the customers about the past. Blood samples have to be mailed to our approach, because gender identification is legal in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau has confirmed that they seized a clinic, the clinic simply not legitimate, but one was made 300 cases of IVF implantation surgery surrogate mother. "Xinmin Weekly" (Xinmin Weekly) recently reported that in China there are 400 to 500 such artificial insemination clinic.

Ultrasound sex identification and artificial insemination parents who can not conceive attractive, they want to bypass the one-child policy limits, to a boy, or to ensure birth to a boy. Abnormal prosperity explain the black market, China's disposable income is rising rapidly. That home was seized clinics, maternity success will be charged one million yuan, 200, 000 yuan can guarantee extra boy.

Each family in the mainland have only a single child or only child, these children by their elders favor, known as the "little emperors." Beijing Normal University professor heart Zou Hong, said: "China's one-child families by family pet, family, almost what gave them, and they do not have to compete on what can get. Excessive care love The result is that once they enter society, I feel like no different from others, they have a sense of loss, lack of competitiveness. "

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