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Family and Fertility Regulation

E ach partner has the right to conceive naturally the number of children they want and duty to discern the opportune time to bring them to the world. as obrigações para consigo mesmos, para com os filhos que já têm, para com a família ea sociedade, numa justa hierarquia de valores e respeitando a ordem moral objectiva que recusa o recurso à contracepção, à esterilização e ao aborto . Spouses must take into account the obligations to themselves, to the children they already have, to family and society, in a correct hierarchy of values ​​and respecting the objective moral order which denied recourse to contraception, sterilization and abortion .

Nobody, not even the State, if the couple can replace this decision. as actividades dos poderes públicos ou das organizações privadas que procuram limitar de algum modo a liberdade dos esposos nas suas decisões relativas aos filhos constituem uma ofensa intolerável à dignidade humana e à justiça. In fact, the activities of public or private organizations that seek to limit in any way the freedom of spouses in their decisions concerning children are an intolerable offense to human dignity and justice.

o intervalo entre os nascimentos eo número de filhos que desejam: os métodos naturais de regulação da fertilidade e os métodos artificiais de planeamento familiar . Spouses have two very distinct alternative to regulate the interval between births and the number of children they want: the natural methods of regulating fertility and artificial methods of family planning.

são, por exemplo, os produtos químicos contendo hormonas The artificial family planning methods are, for example, chemicals containing hormones São habitualmente designados como "anticonceptivos", muito embora, na realidade, alguns actuem como abortivos. that administered in the form of pills, injections or implants, profoundly alter the physiology of women and are associated with many risks to health. are commonly referred to as "contraception", though in reality, some act as abortifacients. Contraceptives are used, in general, in order to avoid any birth and, therefore, ultimately inducing a negative attitude of contempt for life with a whole load of selfishness and lack of love that means.

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