Family Health and Planning

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China Economic Net Beijing on August 7 hearing recently, Manulife join Horizon Research Consultancy Group, officially released "Happy 1 +1 White Paper on health programs for middle class families." Since 2009, Manulife every year in the country to carry out extensive research on special topics of happiness, and they are being released white paper series. "Happy 1 +1 White Paper on health programs for middle class families, " the company following the 2010 "Happy Chinese middle class families for a long long time happy White Paper" 2011 "Happy 2030 Chinese middle class families happy retirement planning White Paper" and the 2012 "happiness after 00 Chinese middle class families happy baby grow Planning White Paper "have been published, and again for the public launch of the survey results.

Middle-class families worrying health

Survey shows that the majority of people are lacking in substance to understand the concept of family health, 92.6% of respondents believed that middle-class families, "family health is the physical state of health of family members."

White Paper pointed out that the traditional view of health is "no disease that is healthy, " the modern view of health is overall health, the World Health Organization "Health is not only the physical absence of disease, but also have mental health, social well-adapted and ethical." Starting from the modern lifestyle, family perspective, the overall health of modern people should include: family members, physical health, mental health, and financial health of the entire family.

The survey also found that 60% of the middle group in the "sub-healthy state, " white-collar groups present psychological state of the top three are negative emotions, fatigue 49%, respectively, 46% and dull feeling irritable feeling 38% , satisfaction, less than one percent.

Interestingly, different cities health of middle-class families are quite different. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and other cities of the middle group of the most prominent health problems, life stress is relatively larger; second and third tier cities in the middle group is not small household expenses, financial channels less. Also found that work pressure and emotional good times and bad is the middle group the most common and common mental health problems; relatively low-middle income groups, there are still emotional restlessness, irritability issues; higher income middle group subject to the more obvious effects of OCD.

Middle-class family planning health needs as early as possible

The survey found that food safety, environmental degradation, children grow up healthy, critical illness protection and parental health to become middle-class families in the face of major concern health problems. Of course, there must be a reasonable question, the key is addressed as soon as possible. In this regard, the White Paper pointed out that more than half of the respondents are not middle-class family health plan (physical health, mental health, and financial health) what is and is not done family health plan. The middle group of family health programs know enough mobility to be improved.

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