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Bill Clinton on stage with Barack
"Here are five reasons to vote for him"

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton together on stage at the campaign rally in Concord, New Hampshire In recent weeks, the former president has made 26 speeches for the Democratic candidate for the White House

The President points to win the most popular politician of America


In the sprint to Election Day is the card that Bill Clinton Barack Obama plays to win the head to head with Mitt Romney described the polls. Smile and a hoarse voice because of the 26 rallies in recent weeks, the former president takes the stage first in Bristow, Virginia, and then in Concord, New Hampshire, to appeal to independents still uncertain and the Democrats who hesitate to vote. Clinton introduced Obama, then stays with him on stage, exchanging handshakes and pats on the back. Greet with the crowd. The music is "Do not stop thinking about tomorrow, " the song of the campaign of Bill of 1992. They are a tandem that embodies continuity between the economic boom of the nineties signed by Clinton and Obama promises that after the re-election. "We love Bill, we vote Barack" reads a handwritten sign, raised among the 16, 000 massed in front of the Capitol in Conrad. The choice of David Plouffe and David Axelrod, Obama's strategist and guru, to focus on Bill nell'affondo end of the campaign can be explained by the fact that it remains the most popular politician in the United States and is also the most credible to appeal to the middle class White, surveys in hand, swinging dangerously close to the Republicans.

Clinton addresses the mission of reviving the setting of the speech to the Convention in Charlotte: no slogans or ideology but pragmatism and numbers to motivate "the urgency of re-election." "The challenge is tight, time is short, the vote of each of you can be decisive - says Clinton's why we ask you to consider the five reasons why you need to choose Obama." Here they are. First: "It unites America, not divide, and in response to Hurricane Sandy has confirmed their ability to work with Republicans and independent, such as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg." Second: "He has created jobs for 33 consecutive months after having inherited the worst crisis since the Great Depression." Third: "It 'a great commander in chief in the war on terror, in putting an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, endeavoring to find jobs for returning soldiers." Fourth: "It takes the right decisions, as he did for the car, the law on equal pay for women, family planning, and full respect for the rights of gays in the military." Fifth: "He has a better plan for the future of America, with measures in favor of the middle class and young people." It 'a burst of motivation that Bill scatters references to Republican George W. Bush, John McCain and Chris Christie to win over independent and conservative uncertain than in the United hovering can make a difference. On a couple of occasions the former president is aimed at "moderate Republicans" and to convince them to turn their backs on Romney is almost a gag, the decisive issue in the Midwest: the car.

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