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"One of Us" reaches 92, 994 signatures online

The results of the European petition for the rights of the embryo, updated March 8

Rome, ( Zenit.org ) Elizabeth Pittino | 519 hits One of Us, the popular European Initiative, which calls on all EU citizens, a signature in support of research and care right, continues unabated its race to the million signatures.

92, 994 subscriptions are the only online 8 March. Added to these are the first brands in the paper came from some of the 27 countries in the running for his life. In all the signatures are over 120 thousand.

First, second and third, respectively, Poland, Italy and Spain, which are now on the podium by less than 2 months.

The new entry of the week is instead the United Kingdom comes in 5th place after several weeks in the shadows.

They grow progressively and steadily the other states. There are appreciable variations in the ranking of the first 10 and last place is Cyprus.

On March 8 was International Women's Day. One of the goals of One of Us is precisely to prevent EU funding, directly or indirectly, in a more or less conscious, one of the greatest violence against women: abortion. Abortion affects the woman's body, psyche, sexuality, in its reports, in his whole person. It is a violence that's going to hit the woman deep in its essence, in what distinguishes man.

Almost every day brings news of forced abortions in China, with unprecedented violence on women who "dared" to have more than one child, and their families. In India and China for years we are witnessing the "disappearance" of girls, selected before birth, so that it can be aborted to leave room for the male child. Are recent reports of Indian women forcibly sterilized against their will, thanks to NGO programs for family planning, also funded by the EU. Women abandoned immediately after the operation, with no post-operative care and let in pain.

A European woman Dignity Watch report of March 2012 ( The Funding of Abortion Through EU Development Aid - An Analysis of EU's Sexual and Reproductive Health Policy , in whole on the site ) revealed that part of the funds made ​​available EU Aid for Development, go to support projects in favor of Reproductive Health, ie forced abortions and sterilizations.

The European People's Initiative calls for One of Us "The support from the Union is not used to fund abortion, directly or indirectly, through the funding of organizations that engage in or promote abortion" . In particular, One of Us recalls how the International Conference on Population and Development, the Millennium Development Goals, including MDG No. 5 on the health and maternal mortality, can not be interpreted as providing a legal basis for ' use of EU funds to finance directly or indirectly abortion.

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