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As more and more medical studies indicate that the lack of artificial methods of contraception and side effects, causing people to artificial methods of contraception for fear and hesitation; such as oral contraceptives pills, may produce blood clots, heart disease, pulmonary embolism and other cardiovascular disease, respiratory and other diseases; Other side effects include nausea, vomiting, weight gain or weight loss, inability to concentrate, migraine and other phenomena. Intrauterine device, easy to cause a lot of blood flow, menstrual pain, and increase the risk of pelvic infection (the disease if left untreated, may lead to infertility). Again female tubal ligation, is almost impossible to restore fertility, and cause psychological distress. So the natural regulation of fertility law has aroused people's interest and attention. Countries around the world have set up a group to promote the natural regulation of fertility, scientists engaged in this research team is also growing with the physician, the medical community formed a "natural regulation of fertility France international research institutions, " expect combines experts, academics and practical wisdom of staff and experience, to explore more natural, safe and feasible method.
Because of painstaking research experts, so that the natural regulation of fertility law has made substantial progress, by the early calendar method (rhythm reckoning) to the latest symptoms body temperature method, not only more scientific, more enhanced contraceptive effect. Even had always been against the natural regulation of fertility law "International Family Planning Outlook" magazine (International Family Planning Perspectives and Digest) is also published in the Winter 1978, published the following report: "The UN World Health Organization (WHO) since 1975 for the start of October 1978, El Salvador, India, Ireland, New Zealand and the Philippines and other countries made five case studies, there are eight hundred ninety through workshops and use the mucus method women, providing two, six hundred eighty-five period records, of which only three pregnancies, so the natural regulation of fertility law if properly used, the success rate was 98.5%. "item on the percentage is only used alone the effect of mucus method, if coupled with the basal body temperature method and the other helper methods, contraceptive effect will be higher.
Natural regulation of fertility, in addition to safety, no side effects, qualifying for ethical principles, it enables the couple produce mutual assistance, the spirit of mutual trust, thereby enhancing couple affection and family atmosphere and the music, I benefited from a family that is one. We will never forget the plight of twelve years ago, when the inner child during the day, night school, night had to take care of her daughter was born a few months, in addition to the pressures of life, but had to suffer: "You can not have children and then immediately "fear. Thus, the family often appear gunpowder, seeing marriage to enter a low ebb. At this time, a chance, we will learn in the Sisters of Social Service of natural fertility regulation methods. Although there are difficulties, but we patiently and carefully follow suit. Three years later, her second child - boy, according to what we want, and it is planned born! Now, the second child has fast-year-old, and we still use the natural regulation of fertility method of contraception, very safe, very happy. Every Friday night, we are always with gratitude, in the peaceful East Sisters of Social Service, counseling couples proper use of natural methods. Years never stopped, has also been bored, because of our own experiences, and sincerely interested in counseling couples to help them achieve their goal, many couples have and we became good friends!
Lai God's merciful favor, let this extraordinary couple, there are two opportunities for study abroad: 1978 St. John's University, Minnesota in the United States by Max priests (Rev. Paul Marx, OSB) presided over the first third International Conference of natural regulation of fertility; and in 1981 the University of Melbourne in Australia, by the completion of Dr. Lin Si (Dr. John Billings) hosted workshops ovulation symptoms France, so we use the natural regulation of fertility law and promote confidence. Now we are learning experiences, and years of experience to make a report to you.

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