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Tall unmarked in Beijing China National Health and Family Planning Commission of the compound entrance, every few minutes will be new to some of the protesters harbor a glimmer of hope, they hope that the state-level authorities can help them solve local hospitals and clinics to solve problem can not.

A young mother holding a tattered notebook, folder inside full medical records, baby ultrasound test results and official correspondence. She said she is seeking to let his son get treatment. Her son is eight years old, because a child drinking a poisonous infant formula, resulting in organ lesions occur. Another young lady is showing some photos showing her body scarred due to police beating, she said are here to protest the local hospital refused to treat her.

Extreme shortage of funds and hospitals are overcrowded, is the Chinese health care system characteristics. This system dysfunctional breeds rampant abuse of power and corruption, pharmaceutical companies are likely to become a trap. Chinese government faces an increasing pressure on the poor quality of medical care and would like rising health care costs, "cut", the official has started another round for hospitals, doctors and pharmaceutical investigations and enforcement actions.

It is in this context, this week, Chinese official accused the British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is involved with 700 companies, $ 500 million bribery scandal leader.

GSK said in a statement Monday, the Chinese police for the "serious allegations of grave concern and disappointment", "for such acts will not be tolerated and tolerance."

Yesterday, in a small number of petitioners in Beijing hard to wait under the scorching sun, the Chinese are all over television broadcast on a man named Liang interview. He described the GSK on television misconduct involved, and that these acts pushed up drug prices.

Liang is the general manager of GSK China's business operations, has been detained by police, are receiving GSK China bribery and bribery investigation. He told Chinese television, he used travel Finish "when the RBI government departments spend walking overhead accounts, such costs are usually unable to obtain reimbursement."

He is full of remorse, said: "After the recent ten days of reflection, I realized that it was drug prices pushed up the cost of these activities is."

Although the Chinese media is full of details of the investigation against GSK, many observers believe that this high-profile investigation of commercial bribery in China's healthcare system is dysfunctional highlight another case.

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