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Prof. Marcus Renato Carvalho

A major concern in this period of breastfeeding is to be sure that it will not become pregnant and to choose a suitable contraceptive method is critical. For this we introduce you to LAM which is very little spread in Brazil.

LAM = lactational amenorrhea method

The LAM is to use exclusive breastfeeding as the initial method of family planning, with natural protection and promoting timely initiation of the use of another method. You can feel protected when:

* At least 85% of the baby food is by breastfeeding frequently both day and night
* Not returned menstruation (amenorrhea be)
* Your baby is less than six months old.

Warning: If any of these three criteria are ruptured, should seek a method of supplementary planning.

Giving to nurse frequently, menstruation may return only after 9 or 12 months.

What is the mechanism of action?
Prevents ovulation (egg output of the ovary) as breastfeeding produces changes in the rate of release of natural hormones in women.

Is it really safe?
Very effective when used correctly - 1 pregnancy per 200 women breastfeeding. This means a protection of 99.5%. As safe as traditional birth control pill.

What are the advantages?
- It prevents pregnancy effectively at least 6 months or even longer if the woman continues breastfeeding often, day or night;
- Promotes optimal breastfeeding;
- Can be used immediately after childbirth;
- No need to do anything at the time of the sexual act;
- No charge;
- Does not require any instrument or procedure to prevent pregnancy;
- No hormonal side effect;
- Allows the initiation of a subsequent contraceptive method;
- Allows mom and baby can enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding.

Every woman can use LAM?
Yes, all: even the smokers, young or older, fat or thin ...

* "Lo Esencial de la contraceptive technology - manual for personal clinical" program in Poblacion Información Johns Hopkins, USA, julio 1999.
* More information: 1/3 of the book "Clinical Management of Lactation" of Ed Revinter is dedicated to LAM

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