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Welcome to the Expatriates Liverpool Community!

Hello! We welcome you to our Liverpool expats community! The InterNations network to support AIMS You When moving to or settling in Liverpool: Connect with fellow expatriates in Liverpool, receive helpful advice and information about expat life in the UK and join our InterNations get-togethers to meet up with other expats from the international community in Liverpool.

Enjoy your Liverpool Expat Experience

The World Capital City of Pop opens its intercultural doors to you, beginning with its attractions: such as the Tate Gallery Liverpool, the traditional celebration of UK's various bank holidays, to savoring a dish of roast beef. The InterNations network is a place made ​​for the Liverpool expat and offers insider tips and opportunities To ensure that you can make the most of your life as an expat in the UK. Our members are looking forward to offer Their advice and knowledge from experience when you finish across as one of the many questions about the life as an expatriate in Liverpool, from Which diseases do I need to have my pet checked for before Bringing it along to the UK ? to automatically Am I Entitled to NHS insurance and medical care?

Join our Expat Network Liverpool

Our members hail from India, the United States, Mexico, Scandinavia and nearly every other country from around the world, all of whom are living the expat life in Liverpool, just like you. InterNations offers a platform with Which you can easily meet other expats in Liverpool. In Additions to our lively online community, our members Regularly get together at our InterNations events or take part in planning trips together, eg stopping by UK's cultural destinations in the outstanding beauty of the Cotswolds, "the Heart of England."

We cordially invite you to take part: Our expats in the Liverpool community are friendly and will be happy to welcome you as a new member. Just ask for your personal invitation and you'll be warmly welcomed by our expat Liverpool chapter!

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