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How to know if I am ovulating

What should I do to see how, I ovulated and am most fertile?

First, you must make an estimate of the day you should start your next period, after that you have to count back 12 to 16 days. Those four days (between 16 and 12) are the days when ovulation is likely to occur. For women who have a 28-day cycle, the 14th day is usually the day of ovulation.

The best way to know what your most fertile day is that you pay attention to your body, and so recognize the signs that ovulation is coming. Please also note that although this is not complicated, it's a learning process.

You can then use simple ovulation calculator, which will give the approximate date of your ovulation:

Advanced Calculator Ovulation

In Beauty and Soul we present this new instrument, which will help you know when I'm ovulating, and you can be alert those days when you are most fertile, and therefore, it is more likely that you could get pregnant.

This new tool Beauty and Soul has developed especially for you, is to be an aid for all women looking to maintain a responsible family planning naturally.

To use the "ovulation calculator" you must first know how the methods BBT Billings and , as such data - you should record your cycle day-graphed, showing the day of ovulation and your fertile days.

Remember that this instrument will be effective only if the squatters correctly, and for that, you must be consistent in data entry. We recommend that you follow the instructions thoroughly, so there are no mistakes and so your experience is as pleasant and successful as possible.

Ideally, begin to occupy the ovulation calculator from the first day of your period, so, you can take a file tidy and it will be easier to read. However you can use it right in your days more vulnerable, as shown in the graph you dated.

How to use Ovulation Calculator?

  • e inicia sesión en Register and log in
  • Configure your personal calculator by entering the date of your last two periods. Remember to be careful with the data you enter, but if you mess up, you can enter the data again.
  • Start using Ovulation Calculator adding your data daily.
  • If you commit a mistake and want to edit the information, use the tab "Edit Data". Here you can review and delete any data you want.
  • As you add information to the calculaora, it will graph all the data, and see at what point in the cycle you are.
  • If you look at the main tab, you will see the combination of various data. With these charts you can realize what are your fertile days, and therefore, what is the most suitable period to get pregnant, or to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.
  • Remember that the data of temperature and Billings only be reliable if you are consistent in entering the data, at least the days around your ovulation.

2006-01-01 09:45:50 by Twin_mom

Try This?

Good morning....I, too went through the dilemma youa re facing. While I am able to remember to take the pill everyday at the same time(I set my cell phone alarm), the hormones just whack me out. Hubby is a "no condom" man and my weight fluctuate too much for an IUD...and the list goes on....we tried natural family planning (tracking on a calendar) which worked well for 2 years until I forgot one day and...well, read my handle! My best thought, as others said is the minipill....I found little to no side effects (amazingly) and it was efective. Just try to find a method to help you remember (900 wake up costs $2 a day but might be worth it until you get in the habit or...

2005-06-24 07:50:08 by goingon4now

The "rhythm method" is NOT NFP!

Natural Family Planning has NOTHING to do with the calendar. To do NFP correctly, you need to take your temps daily (and correctly), check your cervical fluid and cervical position. It has NOTHING to do with what "day" you're on, because that IS useless. You can ovulate any "day". But if you're using NFP correctly, you'll see the signs of IMPENDING ovulation, and know to be careful.
Also, sperm only lives so long. In a non fertile body, it only lives about 24-48 hours. In a FERVILE environmnet (good quality cervical fluid), it can live much longer, 5 days or more, iirc. But again, you'd SEE that you had a fertile environment, if you were doing NFP correctly

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