National Family Planning Outreach Project

Aniello Musella

graduated in Law, specializing in international law, Aniello Musella enters the ICE in 1981, where he holds positions in diverse areas of activity '. Starts in promoting agribusiness and after the post of Head of the secretariat of the president, working since 1986 in the position of director of ICE in Hong Kong, in a period of rapid economic opening of the People's Republic of China to the rest of the world. returned in 1995 at the headquarters of Rome, Musella directs the textile-clothing sector and is then assigned to the personnel department, a post he held for many years, making a number of innovations in the area of systems evaluation and remuneration of staff. Musella is then responsible for managing the ICE and care information systems in particular, relations with the company 'computer owned by ICE and the planning and management of projects articulated in a period of intensive development of ICE computer. Subsequently, and' concerned with the promotion of the sectors the mechanical, chemical, energy and environment. In this phase Musella start the first promotion program in the areas of advanced technologies, such as biotechnology and nanotechnology, Aerospace and telecoms. Then begins the first projects for the promotion of the sectors related to infrastructure and logistics sector. Since 2005 he served as director of the New York and coordinator of the Network ICE in the U.S. and supervises the annual promotional plan for North America. Musella produces in the course of its activities' ICE numerous reports of an economic, programmatic and management, many of which are destined for Italian and other internal use only. Plans and manages, in quality 'of project leader, complex events to promote Made in Italy STRATEGIC markets for Italian exports and among them the USA.

Annie B. Fiorilla of the Holy Cross

born in Italy and fascinated from the beginning of his academic career by the challenges presented by international transactions, the lawyer Fiorilla studied in Italy, France, Germany and the United States, specializing in international law. Today the activity of the lawyer Fiorilla strategic focuses on assistance to families and European companies wishing to establish or develop its presence in the United States. Sometimes it is appropriate for the client to create a new U.S. subsidiary, in other cases the client operates through joint ventures with local partners, or through agents and distributors. In each case we study and implement customized solutions optimizing the management of the peculiarities of each case. Often the work includes making in existence and management of complex holding structures, in which the ramifications of any decision or activities extend to entities established in various jurisdictions, on-shore and off-shore, involving protagonists living in different countries with which at times they are nationals and in which it is essential to consider the consequences of each choice in multigenerational level. The lawyer Fiorilla offers its clients legal assistance to 360 degrees, for both corporate and commercial matters, which for acquisitions and real estate investments, which for the registration and protection of intellectual property rights, and to obtain a visa more convenient for every owner or manager and the respective family. In any case, the focus is not only on the target immediately, but also to the end result desired by the client, without ever losing sight of the overall picture. Annie Borello Fiorilla is qualified to practice law both in Italy and in the United States, and works in English, Spanish, Italian, French, and if necessary can work on documents in Portuguese.

Report on the use of oral contraceptives in the Singapore national programme, 1 July, 1967-30 June, 1972: A study of continuation rates of oral contraception based on 60 months experience (FPPB paper)
Book (Singapore Family Planning & Population Board, National Family Planning Centre)
2006-11-23 15:03:03 by Paidfor

World's Time For Un-ending Thanksgiving

Many having gathered together with family members and friends -or planning to soon do so at this season- have learnt what national holidays and celebrations are about, and how quickly the celebrating is over. Still there is yet more to anticipate and celebrate; something having more lasting -entire world world- implications, and results which will not pass in a day, a week, month or year.
Peoples everywhere will have been benefited and will continue to derive supernal benefits from this arrival, which proves so enthralling and resplendent as to occupy the thoughts of peoples everywhere for unending months and years to come

2011-06-10 17:46:19 by godhead

Christians Fired for Opposing Abortion

A Christian mental health worker has been sacked after passing colleagues a booklet warning of the physical and psychological damage some women suffer after an abortion.
Margaret Forrester discussed the booklet with family planning staff at the health centre where she worked because she felt that the British National Health Service was failing to give patients information about the risks and other options to terminating a pregnancy.
But after a six-month disciplinary process, during which Ms Forrester had to fight her own case and became ill, she was found guilty of “gross professional misconduct” and fired

2012-06-17 14:30:58 by cleanandsobersal

My greatest challenge

My biggest challenge with keeping a positive perspective has been that i have not been able to do any hiking without the professor. oh, i can alone. but not near the peaks i had with him. i'm also planning my trip to patagonia. it'll be hut to hut just like professor and i did in the spanish pyreness last summer. i thought i might do it alone. then i thought a bit. we are talking about the andes. the andes mountains. i'll need to take a guide. i'll be doing some tramping around torres de paine. who knows maybe i'll meet a kindred spirit there. some handsome, world traveler who also climbs mountains

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