International Family Planning Summit 2012


- pianificazione familiare e libertà di gestire la propria sessualità 11/07/2012 - Family Planning and freedom to manage their own sexuality

Arriva, for all, the female condom

Giving voice to women about the management of their own sexuality: the female condom is one of these possibilities

The AIDOS Launches Campaign for universal access to the female condom for better management of family planing, while denouncing the lack of sex education in school and in Italian society

Italy is the country of the record, if you will. Except that for some it is of primates of which perhaps is not the case with proud: for example, we are among the people who read less in the world - except for display of mobile phones and smartphones; own cars for nearly every member of a family , we spend more time watching TV than with our children, we have a fee for everything, or almost ...
We are also big consumers of gossip, so that for example the magazines of this type are among the most sold. Sexuality, not only in these magazines, it is flaunted in every possible way, and messages that surround us are equally explicit. From an early age, children are surrounded by this kind of "communication" and also in common parlance the words of a sexual nature are best used.

The problem arises, however, when it comes to get serious. The majority of teenagers, prompted by instinct, moving blindly because they really know little or nothing of sexuality that is not made of images seen around, on mobile phones or on the Internet - or hearsay. When we should compare with the reality of things fall. But all this is not only true for young people, there are also many adults who know little about sexuality, both physiological and psychological.
And so the increase in unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, violence against women, and so on make the news only by the percentages, but it poses little attention to the fact that in our schools there is no sex education and that teenagers, young people and women immigrants do not have access to information and services for modern contraception.

But someone, thankfully, it moves. You AIDOS, the Italian Association for Women in Development, which launched its "Paper Dolls" to organize an effective method of family planning (family planning): the female condom. It does so on the occasion of World Population Day held today July 11, 2012 and play at the same time he sees the Summit on Family Planning - organized in London by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the UK Department for International Cooperation, DFID, with the technical support from the United Nations Fund for Population Activities, UNFPA. The summit aims to launch an initiative that makes available modern contraceptive services 2020 to 120 million women in developing countries. Are half of all those women who want to avoid or delay pregnancy and do not have access to services for contraception.
The figures are about 800 women die every day from causes related to pregnancy often unwanted. In addition, 1.8 billion young people are entering their reproductive years, all too often without the knowledge, skills and services they need to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.
News that speaks for itself: the Italian government is absent from the Summit.

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International family planning programs, 1966-1975: A bibliography
Book (University of Alabama Press)
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They're working on it.

Software billionaire Bill Gates, who previously has advocated the reduction of the human population through the use of vaccines, and his wife Melinda marked the 100th year since the First International Eugenics Congress in London with a “family planning” summit with abortionists and the United Nations.
Both Bill and Melinda Gates repeatedly have said there are too many people on earth.
“This was made explicit by Melinda Gates in 2011 when she commented that ‘government leaders … are now beginning to understand that providing access to contraceptives is a cost-effective way to foster economic growth,’” Christian Voice said

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