International family planning policy issues


Cancel "family planning" is the survival and development of the objective needs of the Chinese nation and a wise choice (2013-01-25 16:43:02)

Recently, the State Family Planning Commission official said, "Planned Parenthood unswervingly adhere to long-term", the tone show a kind of official position and departments overbearing. Many Chinese citizens are very puzzled and angry ----- a special time out of the small department parasitic why so arrogant and domineering? What is behind this reveal feelings? Social, civic and resolutely abolish family planning as soon as possible is growing, has become the mainstream of society demands people, but caused a lot of NPC deputies and CPPCC members' concerns, some proposals have been submitted to the national level, attention. State Family Planning Commission official is in this context the issue of sound.

Family planning what should be retained or be resolutely abolished?

Let us simply recall the ins and outs of family planning, to see nowadays the international mainstream, and then predict its future destiny.

Seventies of last century, China's social management into a quandary, the near collapse of economic construction, political construction caught stray failure and paralysis. Senior helpless, very few so-called population brick home advocated "Planned Parenthood caught in the dilemma of China can give stimulants and fresh vitality into the economy." Many senior officials in the case of muddle, chaos sick healed, anxious not choose Lu Di adopted this ridiculous mistake suggestions, hoping to obtain from the demographic dividend, in order to alleviate the socio-economic problems and slow social management issues and superstitiously This can never bring life to the community. The Government has also set up a special regard for family planning and related ladder leading group management agencies, decided to implement family planning in the country. Premier Zhou Enlai was talking about family planning issues, said that a family "a little child, just two or three a little more", but did not propose a specific number and enforcement.

Family planning authorities but for departmental self-interest considerations, Premier Zhou's view out of context, issued a document must compel universal one-child birth, while a variety of fallacious propaganda and guidance, or even non-humanitarian extreme means. Severe period, many family planning departments banner of "national policy" slogan, to start raped citizens and seek departmental interests. Now five-year-old older people basically will remember, when the atrocities that family planning workers: demolishing a house, tied up the party, driving his family and took away items, heavy fines, dismissed from public office, forcing civic life can not be peaceful, many families from their homes , wives and children, and even a death sentence for a lot of fresh life. A serious violation of international family planning policy, humanitarian, family planning departments unlawful infringement of citizens' legitimate rights and interests of serious incidents continue to occur. Family planning departments also secretly colluded with police complicity casually fine household management and illegal trading account proof. Financial constraints in the case of local governments, local governments through the guise of family planning policy, the use of public rights, rotten set positions to arrange their own relatives, casual rotten set the threshold, hefty fines, equipped coffers to enrich themselves. Of family planning of local government and the household registration authorities hotbed of corruption, and even individuals to evolve into a tool for the whole person. Family planning policies and practices related sectors led many tensions between citizens and government, family planning, not only did not really solve the country's economic development and social management issues, but resulted in civil discontent, conflict-ridden, social unrest, attracted international attention. National family planning sector is already notorious evil achievements, much criticized at home and abroad, to become citizens everyone shouting across the street rat.

Rand Publishing How Does Congress Approach Family Planning Issues?: Results of Qualitative Interviews with Legislative Directors
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What a difference 10 days make

The positives so far are sweeping:
An executive order that commits the United States to closing the international shame that is Guantanamo Bay, and that will finally mean that Guantanamo detainees will receive legal due process—and that the United States has returned to respecting the rule of law.
An executive order, and a clear statement from Obama's attorney general-designate Eric Holder, that reject the Bush administration's policy on torture.
Repeal of the Bush administration order that banned funding to international family planning organizations that supported legal abortions, which means that vital women's health services to poor countries will begin flowing again

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Oh you are one of those willfully ignorant

People, ok.
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"God" and birth control

OK, this may just be a rant b/c I'm really pissed about it, but the cost of my birth control is up AGAIN. Now, this is only because I changed my type from pill to ring but the ring is $5 more. Now, that doesn't sound like much, but I remember when I first started on BC, about 7 yrs. ago. It was $10/pack.
Then it went up to $15 about a year later, during Bush's first year in office.
Then it was $20, then it was $26.
Now, in less than 7 years since my first year on BC, it has more than tripled in cost: $31 a pack. That's an extra $31 a month that luckily I am able to afford from Planned Parenthood, but I think of all of the young teenagers who would never be able to afford these prices

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