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Ask this question to one of the greatest mentors movement abortionist world

Adrienne Germain, one of the greatest mentors movement abortionist world

You probably never heard of Adrienne Germain. She is the kind of woman discreet and genius, who works in silence and with great efficiency. Adrienne is for successful abortionist agenda in the last 25 years as Steve Jobs was to Apple or Bill Gates for Microsoft. And you can be sure that it is not no exaggeration.

Before her, the issue of family planning, in which abortion was included, was treated strictly medical: supply of contraceptives, insertion of IUDs, creating family planning centers, performing tubal ligations, dissemination devices abortion training medical, finance clandestine clinics in countries where abortion was illegal etc.

When Adrienne, sociologist and wife, began working with family planning, a field dominated by men, profoundly disagreed on how the population question was addressed. In a single conversation with John Rockefeller III, thanks to its unique ability and infectious enthusiasm, convinced him that true success depended on population control to put women, not doctors, in the center of the discussion.

In 1990, now working for the Ford Foundation, she idealizes and encourages the development of the document "Reproductive Health: A Strategy For 90 Years." This document has provided a solid foundation for that during the Cairo Conference in 1994 and Beijing in 1995, the UN take over "Health and Sexual and Reproductive Rights" as a strategy to not only legalize abortion in the world, but to promote it.

Adrienne launches in December 1998 a manual of strategies for the legalization of abortion in countries with more restrictive legislation. In one section of the manual it states that it should:

"Making the most of the services provided by existing laws permitting abortion in certain circumstances permits pave the way to access increasingly broad ... Thus abortion providers may use a broader definition of what constitutes a danger to the woman's life and may also consider marital rape as a justifiable reason to terminate a pregnancy within the exception relating to rape "(Germain, A & Kim, T. Increasing el acceso al safe abortion: strategies for la acción. New York: International Women's Health Coalition, 1998. p. 8)

One of the greatest mentors movement abortionist world indicates that in countries with restrictive legislation (such as Brazil, where abortion is a crime but it is not punished when pregnancy results from rape), the promoters of abortion should extend the concept of rape in such so that it encompasses a much larger number of possible abortion "legal".

Enquadremos now, for a few moments, the discussion that has left many Brazilians quite confusing as follows: if the PLC 03/2013 shall be partially or totally vetoed.

Given what has been said, we can assume that if President Dilma to veto it only partially, Adrienne Germain and his collaborators have much to celebrate this month of July. She will finally managed to open the necessary gap, whereby infiltration "is assured the most of the services provided by existing laws, "even misinterpreted. Instead of 64 centers, all public hospitals, including the religious and confessional, will join the network of abortion services "legal". It takes a few years, there are new controversies, new laws regulating themselves, are published rules and ordinances, it creates new jurisprudence and the scenery will be ripe for the complete official legalization of abortion in Brazil. Was exactly what happened in Uruguay with the difference that there was not the strategy used to extend the concept of rape, but of "life threatening" for the woman.

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