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To celebrate International Nurses and 5.12 "Nurses Regulations" Implementation fifth anniversary, in the whole society to create a respected care nurses, nursing emphasis on supporting a good atmosphere in the country under the guidance of Health and Family Planning Commission, May 8, Chinese Nursing Association in held in Beijing in 2013 International Nurses Day Care Conference. Eleventh CPPCC National Committee Vice Chairman Zhang Meiying Chinese Nursing Association, honorary chairman of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, party secretary Li Bin, China Science and Technology Association secretary Wang Act, the General Logistics Department of Health and the Minister of International Nurses Comrade Ren Guoquan President Rosemary Bryant attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. National Health and Family Planning Commission deputy director Ma Xiaowei, China Preventive Medicine Association, Wang Longde, Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Zhang Yan Ling attended the opening ceremony. Chinese Nursing Association chairman Li Xiuhua opening statement. International Nurses President Rosemary Bryant and CEO David Benton behalf of the International Society of Nurses will declare China to join the international nurses will care, and awarded a certificate.

Li Bin pointed out that, over the years, the majority of our care workers adhering to the spirit of Florence Nightingale, and always adhere to the aim of serving the people wholeheartedly, both in routine medical care, or in major natural disasters, epidemics and health of the people affected threaten a critical moment for the protection of people's lives and safety and health has made important contributions. Especially in recent human infection with H7N9 bird flu prevention and control of Lushan earthquake relief, the majority of care workers take practical action interpretation of the love life, heal the sick, humane professionalism and dedication, praised by the people, the party and the government sure.

Li Bin said that the party and government attach great importance to the development of the nursing profession, especially in recent years, adopted a series of effective measures to strengthen the nurse team building, and promote the healthy development of the nursing profession. With the deepening medical and health system, care has also ushered in new opportunities for development, and achieved remarkable results. One nurse team construction has made great progress, as of the end of 2012, the total number of registered nurses nationwide reached 249.7 million, an increase of 1.15 million in 2005, accounting for the total number of health workers 37.4%. Second, the reform of public hospitals care workers play an important role, the majority of care workers to shoulder heavy responsibilities, innovation, and actively promote quality care, to protect medical safety, improve service quality, harmonious doctor-patient relationship has made important contributions. Three nursing services are widely expanded into the community and families, to provide patients with chronic disease management, long-term care, rehabilitation, promotion, hospice and other services to meet people's diverse, multi-level health service needs.

Li Bin, and further strengthen the nurse team building, improve service capabilities and expand the field of nursing. First, the nursing career placed on economic and social development and well-off society to the height of the construction plan. Second, continue to thoroughly implement the "Regulations nurses' and nursing career" second five "Plan, in the interests of safeguarding the nurse, the nurse team stability, improved working conditions, protection of nurses to increase efforts to implement other aspects of treatment, efforts to provide security for the people , effective, quality care. Third, in the process of deepening medical reform and further strengthen nursing team building, improve the standard of care, the human resources, innovation in health care reform to make new contributions. Fourth, vigorously carry forward the spirit of the nursing profession, widely publicized good deeds nurses, doctors in the whole society to create a heavy statue of David atmosphere. Fifth, give full play to the role of social organizations, play a good government and industry, the domestic and the international role of the bridge, unite care workers, to promote the Chinese care to a new level and stride forward.

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2008-07-28 18:40:54 by Lotus_Outreach

A Note from Lotus Outreach International

We understand and share your concerns about the auctioning of live animals at charity events. Only after careful consideration did we decide to feature a puppy at our silent auction.
I personally volunteer with a no-kill animal shelter here in Southern California and I see how many unwanted pets are being tragically thrown into the streets every day.
One of our Event Planning Committee members volunteers with the same shelter. She also fosters unwanted small dogs until they can find permanent homes. She is very passionate about how domesticated pets are treated and caring for unwanted and neglected pets will ultimately be her lifework

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