International Conference on Family Planning

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The birth of the first child of Maheshwori nearly killed her after three days of delivery. Today is terrified of it happening again, "I'm very, very scared. Next time I might die." Source: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation .

For 222 million women around the world, the decision about whether or when to have a child is not an option to have it. The lack of access to modern contraceptive methods is a serious threat to the lives of mothers and their children, plus an unbearable cost to the family economy. The cause pregnancy complications each year the disappearance of 50, 000 girls and young women 15 to 19 years , which is the leading cause of death in this age group. In regions such as Central and West Africa, only one in ten married women use modern contraception.

These data have been published in recent days by organizations such as Save the Children and the Guttmacher Institute. With them are intended to influence the outcome of the International Conference on Family Planning convened in London next week by the British government and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation . This is a rare opportunity, because the controversy that often surrounds discussions on family planning makes central development issue receives far less attention than it deserves. The very Melinda Gates that you prefer to limit the differences with the Vatican and other religious organizations: they speak of the absence of contraception but not unsafe abortions, although the latter is largely a consequence of the first (and kills 26, 000 African women each year).

Controversy aside, the ability to achieve concrete progress in this field would be one of the best news of the year in which commitments to poor countries dwindle as a cheap shirt. The detailed report of the Guttmacher Institute estimates that eliminating the gap in poor women's access to contraception would "monumental impact" in the field of health: avoiding 26 million abortions and miscarriages 7 million, reducing by more than million deaths of children under five years, or cut by two thirds the number of unwanted pregnancies.

One of the areas in which you can make a difference is in maternal mortality. It is estimated that in 2012 more than 290, 000 women die from pregnancy-related complications, of which one third were unwanted pregnancies. More than 100, 000 deaths that could be avoided.

The strategy for effective family planning began in health policy in poor countries, training of health personnel and access to affordable contraceptive methods. But it is also essential to overcome social and cultural barriers that prevent many women enjoy this right. From child marriages to the stigma of sex outside of marriage, through forced relationships, the role of awareness and education is absolutely crucial.

No small feat, but, as often happens when it comes to preventing the problems of poverty, the numbers are . International donors at this time spent 4, 000 million dollars each year on family planning programs, representing a saving of 5, 600 million to combat the problems associated with pregnancy. Increase aid to the 8, 100 million would be needed to close the gap of access to modern contraceptives raise the savings to 11, 300 million: $ 1.40 saved for every dollar invested.

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