Gates International Family Planning Conference

Dakar (Sénégal) - La conférence internationale sur la planification familiale a ouvert ses portes

Relayed by the Senegalese Press Agency , the international conference of family planning, the second of its kind, welcomes 2000 participants. Besides leaders from many countries, many young people are present.

In a context where the world's population has reached the beginning of November 7 billion composed of individuals, the ultimate goal is announced by the organizers, the sources of the APS, go to "universal access to family planning. "

" exhorteront les dirigeants du monde à démontrer leur volonté politique et à consacrer les fonds nécessaires pour répondre aux besoins non-satisfaits en matière de planification familiale, tout en faisant progresser plus rapidement la recherche et le développement de contraceptifs. " It is expected at the close Friday, December 2 that participants "will urge world leaders to demonstrate their political will and allocate the necessary funds to meet the unmet need for family planning, while advancing more quickly research and development of contraceptives. "

A few months of Rio +20 is an opportunity to "put family planning in the heart of the global development agenda and shape the future of health, development and security in the world ".

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