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PRC State Council Order (No. 308) No.

Hereby notified that the "PRC Maternal and Child Health Law Implementation Measures", since the announcement of the date of promulgation.

Premier Zhu Rongji

People's Republic of Maternal and Child Health Law Implementation Measures

Chapter I

First under the "People's Republic of Maternal and Child Health Care Law" (hereinafter referred to as maternal and child health care law), the development of this approach.

Article in the PRC engaged in the activities of maternal and child health services organizations and their personnel shall comply with maternal and child health-care law and this approach. Engaged in family planning technical service institutions to carry out family planning technical service activities, in accordance with "family planning technical services Management Regulations" provisions.

Article maternal and child health technical services include the following: (a) the scientific propaganda about maternal and child health, education and counseling;

(Two) pre-marital medical examination;

(Three) prenatal diagnosis and genetic disease diagnosis;

(Four) of midwifery;

(Five) implement medically necessary sterilization;

(Six) neonatal screening;

(Seven) on fertility, contraception, infertility and other reproductive health services.

Article citizens enjoy the right to informed choice maternal and child health. State guarantees citizens' access to appropriate maternal and child health services.

Article maternal and child health care center in order to protect the reproductive health for the purpose of health care and clinical practice combined group oriented, grassroots-oriented and prevention-oriented approach.

Article governments at all levels should be included in the maternal and child health care level for national economic and social development plan for the development of maternal and child health to provide the necessary economic, technical and material conditions, and ethnic minority areas, poverty-stricken areas of female Infant care industry to give special support. Local people's governments above the county level according to the actual situation in the region and needs, you can set up special funds for maternal and child health career development.

Health administrative department under the State Council shall be responsible for maternal and child health care, perform the following duties: (a) develop Maternal and Child Health Law and regulations supporting this approach and technical specifications;

(Two) in accordance with the guiding principles of hierarchical classification, the development of the national maternal and child health care development planning and implementation procedures;

(Three), and other organizations to promote maternal health, reproductive health, appropriate technology;

(Four) on maternal and child health care supervision.

Article VIII above the county level people's governments at all levels, public security, civil affairs, education, labor and social security, family planning and other departments should be in their respective areas of responsibility, with the same level health administrative departments for maternal and child health care.

Chapter premarital health care

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Well, besides the cost of war...

$65.9 million for tuberculosis, maternal and child health, family planning and reproductive health, and other public health threats.
$693.0 million for four strategic sectors: roads and other critical infrastructure, such as power generation and transmission, particularly in the South and East; alternative livelihoods support in rural areas to reduce poppy cultivation; Provincial Reconstruction Team projects to extend reconstruction into difficult areas; and capacity-building of the central government to deliver basic services, pay salaries and extend its authority to the provinces

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U.S. maternal death rate higher than Europe's

The United States has a far higher death rate than the European average, the report shows, with one in 4,800 U.S. women dying from complications of pregnancy or childbirth, the same as Belarus and just slightly better than Serbia's rate of one in 4,500.
Just one out of 47,600 women in Ireland die during or just after childbirth, the report found. Bosnia had the second-lowest rate, with 1 in 29,000 women dying during pregnancy and childbirth.
"Among the ten top-ranked European and other industrialized countries, where women are guaranteed good-quality health and family planning services that minimize their lifetime risk, fewer than one in 16,400 will die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth," the United Nations, which issued the report along with the World Bank,...

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