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No music show on Heart Radio Uganda. Those who listen to the station this morning will hear oral contraceptives, how to use a female condom and how to prevent teenage pregnancy.

Scattered villages and community centers, people gather here to listen and engage in discussion. Family planning is one of the main concerns in the district of rural Uganda.

"This is very useful, says John the Baptist Muweesi, the radio presenter. Everyone in the community has phones, so people can call to ask questions, give their views and then, the expert in the radio studio answers their questions. "

"At 19, I had to have my degree and I got pregnant, says Jackie Kasande, a single mother. I decided not to abort, I gave birth to a boy and then I wanted to go to college, what I did and I have used family planning methods so that it does not again. "

The United Nations Fund for Population implements a range of initiatives to promote the regulation of fertility in Uganda. With 34 million inhabitants and six children per woman, is one of the countries where the population is growing the fastest in the world. The reasons why family planning methods are rarely used are numerous. Among them: the traditional and religious values ​​but also polygamy, early marriage, and the fact that many families are seen as a source of prosperity with the possible use of child labor.

Prossy is 37 years old and she is the mother of seven children. In fact, it was the eighth child who died at birth.

She wears a contraceptive implant that protects three years of unwanted pregnancies. She says she would have liked to know this method earlier.

Today is gone for an hour walk to the nearest village. Many other women have walked for a day to join the community. Indeed, it is the only day in the month when the Marie Stopes team comes to town.

Marie Stopes provides about a quarter of family planning services in Uganda. Its field teams travel to the most remote places.

The day starts with a lesson to learn how to avoid early pregnancy and how to space births. Doctors perform final sterilization and distribute contraceptives medium and long term.

The most popular of them is the "depo provera", an oral contraceptive that lasts three months. This is what Prossy request. She complains of the implant in the arm that gives him headaches.

"Sometimes we need more people saw the crowds. We finish work 19 h or 20 h. There is a real need for these mothers. "

High fertility is also a consequence of gender inequality. Men are often reluctant to let their women access to family planning.

To raise awareness, funds from the United Nations Population established groups where people can freely discuss the subject.

"Most people think that once they have recourse to family planning methods, their manhood will decrease and they will not be able to have children, " says Byaliuhanga Brazzaville, the teacher.

"Several misconceptions, shows Charles Kawuma, 'champion' of family planning for the United Nations Fund for Population For many people, if you are using birth control, you will have children with very large heads or suffering from other defects, or you will get cancer ... We must fight against these rumors. Today, people have many problems, unwanted pregnancies, fistula abortions, some put their children into the world in the latrine pigs, some children are out of school ... We must fight to help these persons. "

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Let yourself not be confused by facts

Author: Robert Welch
It is not likely that I shall say anything new here today. If I do, it will be of only minor significance. In all of my remarks, to paraphrase an old quip, the important will not be new, and the new will not be important. For statesmen, historians, and philosophers have been thinking, speaking, and writing on the general subject, of which my topic is a part, for nearly three thousand years to our definite knowledge, and perhaps for a much longer period of time. Unfortunately there is so much about man's past of which we cannot be sure, for the simple reason that historians themselves occurred rather late in history.
But I can assure you that my attitude towards those who have studied this vast field, and put down their conclusions in many forms, is not that...

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