Issues About Family planning

Technical Manual on Family Planning

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Series A.Standards and Technical Manuals,n.40

Drawing: 1st edition - 1988 2nd edition - 1992 - 20.0 copies 3rd edition - 1996 - 25.0 copies 4th edition - 2002 - 50.0 copies

Preparation,distribution and information: MINISTRY OF HEALTH Department of Health Policy Health Technical Area Women's Ministries,G Block,6th floor CEP: 70058-900,Brasília - DF Phone: (0xx61) 2235591 Fax: (0xx61) 3223912

BRAZIL,Ministry of Health Department of Health Policy Technical Area Women's Health.

Assistance in Family Planning: Technical Manual / Secretariat of Health Policies,Technical Area Women's Health - 4th edition - Brasilia: Ministry of Health,2002

150 p.: Il.- (Series A. Technical Standards and Manuals; n.40) ISBN 85-334-0513-8

1.Family Planning.2.Women's Health.I.Brazil.Ministry of Health I.Brazil.Policies Secretariat Technical Area Health Women's Health.I.Title.IV.Series.

NLM HQ 763.5

5 Introduction 7 Introduction

9PARTE I - Assistance Contraception 1.Performance of Health Professionals 192.Behavioral Methods 383.Barrier Methods 614.Oral Hormonal Contraception 835.Injectable Hormonal Contraception 1016.Intrauterine device (IUD) 1207.Sterilization 1248.Contraception Postpartum and Post-Abortion 1269.Contraception in Adolescence 13010. Contraception in Pre-Menopause 13111.Contraception and HIV 13312.Emergency Contraception

139PARTE I - Assistance Infertility Conjugal 1411.Definition 1422.Levels of Service 1433.Performance of Health Professionals

Increased access of women and men to information and contraceptive methods is one of the actions essential for us to ensure the exercise of reproductive rights in the country.

For this to become effective,it is necessary to maintain the supply of contraceptives in public health and rely on trained professionals to assist women to make their contraceptive choice in every moment of life.

With this guide,we aim to offer healthcare professionals a set of updated information about contraception in order to support them in this task of fundamental importance.

Barjas Negri

The role of health professionals in relation to family planning,should be regulated in Article 226,Paragraph 7,of the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil,therefore,the principle of responsible parenthood and the right to free choice of individuals and / or couples.

In 1996,a bill regulating family planning was approved by Congress and ratified by the president.The Act provides that the management levels of the Unified Health System (SUS),at all levels are required to ensure the woman,the man or the couple throughout their network of services,assistance for conception and contraception as part the other actions that make up the comprehensive health care.A key issue of this Act is the insertion of the practices of tubal ligation and vasectomy within the alternative contraception,defining criteria for the use and punishments for health professionals that perform inadequately and / or insecure.

2007-11-06 18:41:09 by reinan

Will you talk about money issues?

I'm with a PR firm, and we're doing a program that's designed to help people talk about difficult family issues. Money is almost always the No. 1 issue that causes family tension.
I want to find some real examples of people who have had issues around talking about money. Maybe you never talked to your parents about estate planning, and then Dad died and his financial affiars took you months to untangle. I would be hoping to find people whom I could offer to a reporter as examples to use in a story.
If you're interested, e-mail me at My name is John Reinan.

2005-01-13 18:55:21 by travelr

Planning for retirement

Thank you all for your thoughtful responses. I appreciate hearing about your experiences and learning how you think of this transition.
I am the CEO of an Oregon based non-profit that supports people with developmental disabilities. As you can imagine, funding issues are a daily reality and I am getting tired of telling people all about the many advantages of scarcity.
I am a visionary type, so I plan well ahead. I plan to retire at age 62, so I have plenty of time to plan a differnt life. I want to travel, do woodworking, photography, volunteer in schools, take some college classes, spend more time with my family, etc

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