Introduction About Family Planning

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    1. Introduction
    2. Definitions of Terms
    3. Benefit of family planning
    4. How to plan
    5. Who should make family planning
    6. Family Planning in Angola
    7. Conclusion
    8. Suggestions
    9. Bibliography


    This paper refers to family planning, which is a key component of reproductive health, as there are many problems of maternal and child mortality due to lack of awareness, information and advice to all families to promote responsible fatherhood and motherhood to improve health and well-being of the family.

    The well-being of a family and a society is related not only to economic conditions and level of education, but also to the health of its elements.

    Large families are those with greater economic hardship, low education level and, consequently, poor health status.

    Food resources are an extremely important factor for survival of their families, whether they live in rural or urban areas.

    Definitions of Terms

    Planning: means to plan a project.

    Family planning is to plan on the number of children they want to do and when

    According to WHO planning (FP) is a set of activities designed to promote a healthy sex life, prevent unwanted births, determine the number of children who will be the family and encourage birth by age of parents.

    Benefit of family planning

    For children:

    - Better health;

    -Ensures breastfeeding;

    - Improved physical and emotional growth;

    - Decreases morbidity and mortality;

    - Increases the chances of survival.

    For Women:

    - Better health;

    -Avoids unwanted pregnancy reduces the incidence of self-risk pregnancy;

    -Reduce maternal mortality rates;

    -Increase the opportunities for education and training;

    - Allows for participation in social, economic and political;

    - Eliminates the exclusion and citizenship;


    - Enhance the role and status of women and the welfare of the family;

    - Promote responsible parenthood;

    - Reinforces mutual respect;

    For the community:

    - Increase the welfare of the community;

    - Promotes equality and equity between women and men;

    - Facilitates the participation of women in socio-economic development of society.

    How to plan

    Nowadays, it is possible to plan the growth of the family, as there are ways to avoid untimely birth. The children should be born only when desired by the parents. It is also necessary in certain cases, to find solutions to other things, who can not have children, but would like to have them resorting to artificial methods.

    Contraceptives methods available:

    a) oral hormonal contraception (pill) is one of the safest methods to prevent pregnancy when taken correctly.

    Advantage of the method of the pill

    - Is it safe to prevent pregnancy when taken correctly

    -Are cheaper

    Disadvantage of the method of the pill

    - Birth control pills can cause problems in some people.

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    2009-03-09 13:21:28 by fairy_dust

    Newbie introduction.

    Hi All,
    I'm in my early 30's, as is my boyfriend. We're madly in love (as we should be, right?) and talking about getting married, ideally within the next 6-12 months.
    We live together (we were roommates first, then started dating), have had all of the discussions we can think of - religion (he's Jewish, I'm Catholic), kids (want 2 of our own and to adopt 1 or 2 more later), where to live (between our parents' towns), budget/finances (he's got great credit, I don't, but we're working on improving that).
    We have amazing communication (he's actually better at it than I am

    2007-01-18 23:18:31 by hairazor

    Check this out

    It’s about your health…. ________________________
    What: a day of health info and networking. Where: The Neil A. Christie Living Center san jose Ca.
    When: April 25
    Who: People living with HIV/AIDS and their families and friends
    Time: 2:00 into the evening
    This is to be a day of health and life skills and
    capacity building for PLWH/A, their care providers, family and friends.
    On this day we hope to achieve a better awareness of where we are with our health and how to manage it.
    It is intended that this also involves connecting with other ppl to hopefully create a stronger sense of community in Santa Clara County

    2008-01-17 15:40:35 by PJoeatCL

    I hear you, but....

    I disagree.
    I just read your introduction. Your opinion may change after you've had your own wedding planning adventure :)
    I've been to several weddings where I knew barely any else except for the bride and/or groom. I always decided to go, because that person (or persons) meant a whole lot to me. I had a couple of awkward reception moments (no partner to dance with for slow songs, for instance), but I was happy to just be there and brushed those moments off.
    I also had a choice of whether I wanted to go or not. I chose to go

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