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The earlier possible late effects are identified, the sooner handicaps may be fully or partially compensated. Therefore, it is important to observe the development of a premature baby well into the school years into it exactly.

If the child has difficulty in certain areas, a visit to a specialized clinic (perinatal) or in an early intervention center can be useful. Professionals help to interpret symptoms of possible developmental problems properly and treat them appropriately.

Individually tailored therapies - for example, physiotherapy, speech or occupational therapy - can promote, compensate or reduce the impact the further development of the child. A psychotherapeutic treatment can assist the child with mental health problems. It is often helpful if the parents are involved.

Information forums for parents:

Addresses self-help groups:

Breastfeeding advice:

Addresses outpatient and home child care:

Forum for parents of disabled children:

Association of physical and multiple disabilities:

Information portal of the State BMFSFJ offers and services for families:

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Follow Pass:
During follow-pass is a document folder that contains all the relevant information and documentation about the preterm infant and its treatment. It easier for parents and professionals attending the collaboration and provides an overview of the history and current state of health of the child. Some neonatal stations for parents hold a follow-pass ready. It can also be found at the Federation "The premature child" at:

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The RW and women

Earlier this month, President Bush appointed Massachusetts obstetrician and gynecologist Eric Keroack to be the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population Affairs (the chief of family-planning programs at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)). The position, which does not require Senate confirmation, involves oversight of the $283 million of Title X funding designed to provide information about, and access to, contraception for anyone who is interested, with an emphasis on the low-income population.
The appointment was controversial, because Dr. Keroack has been a vocal opponent of contraception

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FIRST yyou need to prove these wrong

Ending a woman's right to choose to abort or not abort, but it's also to remove information and access to birth control. They even removed all information about condoms from the government website for over 1.5 years. It was only restored after a final uproar by family planning programs. The information was removed from the website for "revisions" -- yeah, and that took 1.5 years to do!

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