Foreign Studies About family planning

info.jpg The specialties offered by the school are:
1. Sewing
Two. Manufacture of carpets
Three. Knitting
April. Audiovisual
May. Computing
June. Spanish Language
July. English
August. Hairdressing
9. Agriculture and installations of solar panels (like materials have been suspended for lack of space and because they are very difficult to maintain projects)
These specialties are maintained by the International Cooperation, so almost 100% dependent on the continuity of aid. The duration of each specialty is one year and two years in the case of languages.
The School is an outlet for women Dakhla camp, because it is a space that allows them to escape the routine of the shelter where they not only learn a trade, but will receive lectures by experts and foreign Sahrawis on family planning, disease prevention, about religion and about their rights and obligations etc. Saharawi society.

Hours: By the remoteness of some dairas and power problems (we have 3 hours of light, if not failure) should concentrate morning classes (4 hours in the morning and hours of artificial light that we have by afternoon).

Distribution theory and practice: try combining them from the first day of class in certain specialties such as carpet weaving, knitting and sewing, while other specialties theory is given first and then practice. Classes will not stop if they do not have sufficient materials: the students take turns using the tools and technologies and enhance the theoretical eminently practical subjects. Creativity and imagery to suit the precarious situation forced practice is given by the refugee situation.

Qualifications: At the end of each course are given two types of diplomas to create more stimulus among female students. Approximately half of each subject obtained a diploma that certifies training in specialty studied and half get a certificate of participation in the specialty studied.

Attitudes toward and use of knowledge about family planning among Ghanaian men.(Report): An article from: International Journal of Men's Health
Book (Men's Studies Press)
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Chomsky on the World Social Forum

Interviewing Chomsky
Preparatory to Porto Alegre
Compiled from diverse email and radio interviews in the week before the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre
Why have you decided to participate in the WSF? What do you think of it?
Two meetings are taking place pretty much at same time. One is the Davos meeting of 'the masters of the universe,' to borrow the term used by the world's leading business journal, the London Financial Times, when they met a year ago. The term was presumably used with a touch of irony, but it is rather accurate. The second is the World Social Forum (WSF) meeting in Porto Alegre, bringing together representatives of popular organizations throughout the world whose conception of what the world needs is rather different from that of the masters....

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Noam Chomsky
Z Magazine, July/August 1995
The year 1995 is a season of memories, and for some, regrets and apologies as well.
Visiting China in May, Japanese Prime Minister Maruyama marked the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II by expressing 'sincere repentance for our past,...including aggression and colonial rule [that] caused unbearable suffering and sorrow for many people in your country and other Asian nations.' Two months before, New York Times correspondent Nicholas Kristof reported a poll showing that Japanese 'believe 4 to 1 that their Government has not adequately compensated the people of countries that Japan invaded or colonized,' also noting an 'explicit apology for the war' by Japan's Prime Minister two years earlier. Kristof's concern,...

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