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Recently, Zhang Yimou was traced to a woman with four children symbiosis of 7 Mengliao, fueled great concern. For Zhang Yimou has at least seven children broke the news, after the media review of Jiangsu Province Family Planning Regulations and consult with a lawyer was informed that this bounce back, apart from the general requirement to pay the social compensation fee, should also be paid at least twice his annual income amount as a penalty, a conservative estimate of the figure is about 1.6 billion yuan. Jiangsu Province Population and Family Planning Commission official said that, if true, would control provisions, be punished. Because network transmission has seven baby, Zhang Yimou was the general tide in the online spoof. It like a "gourd doll father", "can shoot" Jinling seven hairpin "and the movie" sort of ridicule everywhere.

Bounce the star everywhere. Both star "openly" ground bounce, there are stars in order to bounce went overseas students, the child directly into international friends. Also a large number of stars, for a number of rights issues, direct replacement of nationality. Those shooting the film "Founding of the Republic, " the actor, most have emigrated, some of whom is able to figure how many children's rights. Therefore, from this perspective, it seems that we should also retain their nationality Zhang Yimou has been to maintain a certain respect.

Normalized ridicule ridicule. Of the national policy is concerned, there is bounce bounce punishment methods. In front of family planning system, all citizens should be equal. A policy, for all bounce back, and both should have equal punishment, whether star or civilians, should be treated equally. However, according to the current situation, and even the health department are confused Zhang Yimou in the end there are several baby, I'm afraid this is not the family planning policy itself behind the problem, but at the implementation level, the existence of government departments stars " selective blindness. "

Zhang Yimou bounce back, so then is contrary to the basic national policy. However, for Zhang Yimou bounce back such an event, the health department has one eye closed one eye, unacceptable. If you are an ordinary citizen bounce back, there will be what kind of situation, surely the public are well aware. Moreover, the star is not without delivery of "social compensation fee" strength, Zhang Yimou by giving the Ministry of Railways promo linked to a name you can earn a lot of money, how can the health department director Zhang Yimou mercy?

More evil than an evil policy, is the denial of justice; unreasonable than the legal system itself is more terrible in the implementation level under the Caidie; than the "Zhang Yimou bounce back" incident more able to cause public discontent is related departments selective enforcement or selective blindness. (Time: May 11 Source: Legal Daily)

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2005-05-09 15:39:11 by mommy22

Actually, i really don't want to get pregnant

Right now. But, I am really into being natural, and I hate being on medication of any kind. I tried the ring and nearly went crazy those entire three days. I'm just super sensitive to hormones. I want to be close to my lover in all ways, especially sex, and barrier methods quite simply gross me out about half the time at least. I'm allergic to spermicide and so I've been leaning toward purchasing an ovulation predictor so I can use the natural family planning method. But..I haven't found one yet. I heard there is a computer in europe like a blackberry-size thing or something that tells you each day

2005-08-24 21:47:00 by ------

Hi All, I am looking for some advice

We are planning to start our family and i am trying to prepare my body. i have been exercising and changing my eating habits to avoid overly processed foods as well as taking prenatal vits. i am paranoid about toxins and chemicals stored in body and wonder if there any detox methods i should look into.
any advice on preparing our bodies for the conception would be great!

2004-11-11 18:26:05 by Emmanuel_Goldstein

Righties are planning to protest Kinsey flick

Is he, like, the Michael Moore of sex or something?
US conservative groups have pledged to protest at screenings of a film about scientist Alfred Kinsey, who lifted the lid on sexual behaviour 50 years ago.
Played by Liam Neeson, Kinsey is blamed by critics for the sexual revolution.
The Generation Life group said Kinsey was partly responsible for "devastating consequences of sexually transmitted diseases, pornography and abortion".
Kinsey writer and director Bill Condon said protesters wanted to "pretend that the last 50 years didn't happen".
The scientist's reports in 1948 and 1953 revealed the truth, he said, about what people got up to - with startling claims about masturbation, homosexuality, prostitutes and even bestiality

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"I am taking birth control not to get pregnant, but when I advise my friends about family planning, they tell me that they want to have their babies while they are young," said Gaysayee. Seven girls started the sixth grade alongside Gaysayee.

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One organization that is trying to change men's attitudes about family planning is called Tupange.

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