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Think about it. We are more than seven billion people on this planet, we could get to nine passes and by 2050, yet despite continuing concerns for a world increasingly crowded, in the great events of the government we never talk about family planning. Or at least he speaks softly. It seems almost a taboo subject, although crucial for improving the conditions of women (and children who may put the world), in particular in the poorest countries and those in developing countries, and although in 2010 the United Nations have launched a campaign on the theme: Every woman every child.

The women meanwhile are certainly not to wait, and God forbid. A study recently published in "The Lancet" took stock of the overall situation on the use of contraceptive techniques, and what will probably be the future demand in the field of family planning, designing an interesting scenario with a question mark for the future .

Between 1990 and 2010, the contraceptive prevalence, ie the proportion of women who use contraceptive techniques (modern, such as the pill, or traditional, such as coitus interruptus), increased from 55 percent to 63 percent. (The research has focused on married or cohabiting women in the reproductive age of 194 countries). During the same period, the percentage of women who want to postpone pregnancy for at least two years but not using contraception (even the traditional techniques, for instance) has decreased from 15 to 12 percent. By far the greatest increase in contraceptive prevalence (over 15 percent) was recorded in South Asia and Africa into three regions (Northern, Southern and Eastern Europe).

That shows clearly a growing global demand for family planning (despite the differences between the different areas of the world). But it is not at all certain that in the near future these good results are maintained.

In fact, more in the study of "The Lancet" two accounts have also been made for the future that will be next. Given the expected growth in population and increased awareness and demand for access to family planning methods, it is estimated that the global demand for contraception is expected to grow from 900 million women in 2010 to 962 million in 2015. And while this is expected to pass to the action of the leaders of the various countries, perhaps only discuss it with more visibility would help. Another estimate, however, makes even clearer the picture and the need to act. If you do not increase investment, in 2015 there will be 233 million women who do not have access to contraceptives, although going to use them. And for the vast majority are women who live in developing countries, where population pressure is impressive.

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"I am taking birth control not to get pregnant, but when I advise my friends about family planning, they tell me that they want to have their babies while they are young," said Gaysayee. Seven girls started the sixth grade alongside Gaysayee.

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